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I support rescues by donating one bowl for every 20 sold directly from my website to a reputable, non-profit rescue. 

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What Size Bandit Bowl is best for my pup? 

Here's a Multi-Step process for determining the best size Bandit Bowl for your pup. (Cat bowls are one size fits most.) 

FIRST, consider the size and configuration of the bowl. The chart below indicates the diameter and number of grooves of each size bowl, along with recommendations for the amount of food they hold. 

  • Toy - 2 channels plus center - best for up to 1/3 cups of food but will hold 1/2 cup - about 5" diameter

  • Small/Medium - 2 channels plus center - ideal for up to 3/4 cups of food but will hold 1 cup - about 6" diameter

  • Large - 3 channels plus center - ideal for up to 2 cups of food - about 8" diameter

  • Giant - 4 channels plus center - ideal for up to to 3 cups of food - about 9-1/2" diameter

  • Giant Extra Deep - 4 channels plus center - up to 4 cups of food - about 9-1/2" diameter

  • Cat - 2 channels plus center - will hold up to 3/4 cups of food - about 6" in diameter (cat bowls have shallower walls and grooves)


NEXT, consider your dog's anatomy. Does s/he have a flat face, a short snout or a wide head requiring extra room in the bowl? If so, you might consider up-sizing. 

NEXT, consider where your dog rates on my Canine Vacuum Scale. On a scale of 1-10, think of 1 being "I like the challenge of a slow feeder," 5 being "I eat quickly, but I don't choke or throw up during or after meal time" and 10 being "I am a canine vacuum."

With this info in hand, here's the best way to decide if an up-size is appropriate for your pup:  

  • Consider up-sizing if your dog has anatomical features that warrant a larger bowl, or if your dog rates at a 6 or 7 on my Canine Vacuum Scale. 

  • Upsizing is recommended if your pooch rates 8 or higher on my Canine Vacuum Scale, especially if the volume of their meal is at or near the upper limit of the capacity for the smaller bowl. 

  • You probably don't need to up-size if your dog rates 5 or below on the Canine Vacuum Scale and has no anatomical features that would warrant a larger diameter bowl. 

  • Note that the Giant Extra Deep (extra deep grooves available on Giant bowls only) should be considered a one-step up-size from a Giant bowl. 

  • For small dogs with flat faces (pugs, Boston terriers, etc.) who eat less than 1/2 cup per meal, consider the Cat Bowl. They'll never know it's designed with shorter interior and exterior walls for a cat, and it might be perfect for them. 


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? I'm happy to help! Send me profile and frontal images of your dog, along with information about their behavior toward food and the amount/type of food you give at each meal.

The #BanditBowl Story

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